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Please consider Aztec Dreamer to do your next web design project. We aim to build high-quality visually stunning websites, perfectly tailored to your requirements. We can even integrate Wordpress Blog and Forum technology into your site as well as providing tailored after care and optimisation services. We want your website to be a success and will do everything in our power to make sure that it hits the web running and gives your corporation or business maximum exposure to your targeted audiences.

We build our static websites to the highest standard XHTML Strict 1.0 tolerances and use cutting-edge CSS to make your site semantically correct (content is separated from presentation). We can build Flash-based sites and Flash Banner Adds too. Additionally we can build dynamic websites that can integrate with databases, or process shopping cart payments, and do form field validation for example. And don't forget that we also offer a full identity branding service (logo and corporate branding) for a consistent look and theme across all your pages.

In terms of the service we offer, Aztec Dreamer see web design as being made up of three distinct parts.

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1) Designing the site is a matter of us listening to your requirements and considering your business's core values and principles, and understanding where your business fits in in the market place. We then tailor our design according to this understanding, with care and craftsmanship. We always aim to make your site appear visually interesting and easy to use. All the site's styling is carefully considered to capture the essence of your underlying brand requirements, and can be as wild and creative as you dream, or more serious and contemporary if this fits your corporate model. We match our design to your business sympathetically.

2) You could have the best website in the world, and it could still perform poorly in attracting visitors. This happens all too often online! The best stuff does not always rise to the top of the page rankings - however the best-optimised sites always do. For this reason Aztec Dreamer take website optimisation seriously. It is essentially a collection of practices that promote your website online and make it easier for people and google bots (the spiders that index websites in google, and rank them according to popularity - in a google world popularity is king, not pretty colours and graphics. Fortunately at Aztec Dreamer we see this as an art form in itself, and will happily take on as an additional service the often time-consuming job of managing your online web optimisation, handling your link exchanges as well as fine-tuning your website content so it appeals to your target audiences.

3) Someone once told me that as soon as a website goes up online, it's out of date. In many ways this is true, but not always. However it is a fact of life that websites will need tweaking and fine-tuning over time to keep them current. We appreciate this and will happily as an additional service provide you with year-round access to update your site - maybe add another link and page to the navigation, or change content of out-of-date material. This ensures that you get a website that is kept in tip-top working order, and is always current, leaving you with the time to focus on what you do best - running your personal enterprise.