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Aztec Dreamer offer the following services

  • Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Optimisation
  • Post website maintenance
  • Web Banner / Flash Animation Design
  • Blog Technology
  • Posters, Fliers, Business Cards Design

Aztec Dreamer caters for anybody requiring professional-looking website design or corporate branding, such as logos and banners, as well as all aspects of graphic design. We specialise in solidly constructed, accessible static websites built with XHTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), but can also produce dynamic, interactive sites capable of database access and form validation, built with PHP and Javascript (such as the one you are looking at now). Additionally we can handle all of your online advertising and site optimisation, and can do custom-designed graphics to your exacting requirements and specifications. We can also cater for output to the printed page, from pamphlets to booklets, business cards to posters. In a nutshell we are a one-stop shop for all your web, graphic and print-based needs.

At Aztec Dreamer we believe in a unique design ethos called the Aztec Dream. It is something that we think is tangible and can be harnessed allowing us to create imaginative and exciting design that really allows your business / organisation to capture the eye and stand out from the crowd. We put every effort into each task we undertake for you, be it a logo, a graphic or an entire website. The Aztec Dream is our inspiration and is something we infuse into everything we do, down to the very nuts and bolts that make up the code in our websites. It is our spirit and our passion and helps to make us a truly a unique enterprise, capable of immense creativity that you will struggle to find anywhere else at comparable cost. We are keen to assist you with our full endeavors in order to give your business / organisation every chance of success out there in the incredibly competitive and crowded online / media driven world. So now that you've found us, please stay a while and look through our site to see exactly what it is we can do for you. If you need us for anything at all please don't hesitate to contact us at Aztec Dreamer (NOTE - clicking this link will start you email client software.)

So what is an Aztec Dreamer?

Many of you may be wondering who or exactly what is an Aztec Dreamer. In its simplest terms it is someone who dreams Aztec Dreams. To us the Aztec Dream is the most powerful, imaginative and creative dream of all. It is a dream without boundaries or limitations - a place where anything is possible. It is also a mindset that, when harnessed correctly, we believe allows for fantastic, imaginative and original design to become possible.

Other sites built by Aztec Dreamer

Therapeutic Bowen

the home page for www.therapeuticbowen.com, which was designed to have a clean, calming and professional style and presentation

Aztec Dreamer undertook the task to design and brand Therapeutic Bowen's corporate image and website as well as all their stationary and business cards. This included the Therapeutic Bowen Logo. The brief was to create a clean, bright website with an uncomplicated layout, and a professional appearance. We needed to be sensitive to the therapeutic and healing nature of the client's occupation, and still retain a unique identity in a crowded market place. The website had four main functions for the client.

  1. To attract new customers in the London area.
  2. To provide a means to help the client showcase her abilities to other health clinics and studios.
  3. To enable her to provide useful information to her clients about the Bowen treatment.
  4. To spread the word about the quite often amazing healing capabilities of Bowen therapy.

Read more here

The Shroom Liberation Front

the home page for the Shroom Liberation Front, which is a site dedicated to highlighting the plight of certain types of mushroom

We appreciate this site might not be everyone's cup of tea, but the Shroom Liberation Front were in desperate need to rebuild their ageing HTML Table Web Site and bring it bang up to date with a dazzling yet professional image, as well as complete rebranding and logo. They also wanted Flash-driven banner ads to increase sales of their badge and generate new members for their online forum. They were insistent that the site reflect the 'magical nature' of their subject matter and there should be no holds barred to achieve this end. To say building this site was a challenge would be an under-statement but the SLF and Aztec Dreamer were well pleased with the final result. Read more here.

the web banner for Always Hang Ten.com

Always Hang Ten.com

(Currently under construction). www.alwayshangten.com is a collaboration between Aztec Dreamer's Chief Designer Simon (me!!), and his teenage nephew Mark William. It was a plan hatched last Christmas and was something that has been a lot of fun (but also a lot of work) from the off. We wanted a site that can represent a cool, young teenage audience and can appeal to their imagination about living on the edge and generally 'hanging ten'. This idea has since blossomed into a site that can not only do this, but also publicise the hang ten lifestyle specifically in Barcelona area which is where my nephew lives and is keen to promote. We are currently working hard on content and original imagery, as well as fine-tuning the look and feel of the site (not currently live). However we were able to design the logo for the project plus the banner and footer you see here to accompany it which we think is awesome. As far as we're concerned this is the hardest part done, and now we can relax putting the content together to make the site great. As this is a family project we don't have any time limit on it, so can potentially make this site amazing. We are currently building it in Flash as we hope to be able to feature interactivity the other web mediums can't compete with.

the Always Hang Ten Footer

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Logo Portfolio

We're passionate about logo design and believe Aztec Dreamer can help anybody in need of a unique, eye-catching design that sums up their true core values and identity. Here are some who have the Aztec Dreamer treatment.

Therapeutic Bowen

The Shroom Liberation Front

Aztec Dreamer.Com

the Aztec Dreamer logo

Well we couldn't not put our own logo up could we?

Therapeutic Bowen's logo the Shroom Liberation Front's logo Mark William's logo Mark William's other logo Test